Governance Theme

Every organisation makes decisions, and typically where matters for decision are within a controllable domain, we can make them well. However, to achieve business purpose, decision making will need to be cross domain. There needs to be effective cascade of implications down, and performance / progress up. Most organisations have infrastructure and support functions within domains – but Governance operation across domains can appear like each piece in a jigsaw set trying to align with other pieces.

  • The BIG BoK offers a clear definition of Components and Enablers to build / sustain Business Integrated Governance.
  • The Governance Theme therefore seeks to engage the Governance, Strategy, Change and Operations Professions to communicate what BIG has to offer, listen to their needs and support organisations adopting the BIG framework to operationalise Business Integrated Governance.

The BIG CIC has had input from many Governance Professionals in our journey so far, and we offer links to the APM Governance Interest Network and the Good Governance Academy in our Professional Links.

The Governance Theme aims to surface content from the BoK and highlight activity from our Members, Sponsors and Professional Links – sharing ideas, calling for review or offering events.