About Us

The Business Integrated Governance Community Interest Company (BIG CIC) is registered in England No.13303074 at 18 The Chase, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 7QW.

It’s essential to note that a Community Interest Company is a unique form of limited company dedicated to serving the public good. The BIG CIC is a proud Certified Social Enterprise. Here are some key aspects that distinguish us: 

  • No Shareholders, No Dividends: Within our structure, there are no shareholders, and consequently, no dividends are paid out. This means our primary focus is on benefiting our members and the broader community.
  • Surplus Reinvestment: Any surplus generated is reinvested into the continued development of the BIG CIC, ensuring that our resources are utilized for the greater good 
  • Asset Lock Commitment: Our Articles of Association include a steadfast commitment to an ‘asset lock.’ This means that any assets or intellectual property owned by the BIG CIC cannot be sold or transferred, except to another CIC or Charity, further solidifying our dedication to our mission. 

The purpose of the BIG CIC can be summarised as follows:

  • Knowledge Advancement: To sustain and expand knowledge regarding Business Integrated Governance 
  • Community Involvement: To encourage volunteer participation, welcoming individuals to contribute to our mission 
  • Integration of Key Domains: To use BIG principles to integrate vital domains such as strategy, governance, assurance, business as usual, value creation, and change 
  • Collaboration: To actively collaborates with the public, professional bodies, and commercial partners to achieve The CIC mission 
  • Education and Accreditation: To provide a syllabus for training and accreditation, overseeing examinations and issuing BIG credentials
  • Knowledge Sharing: To share the BIG Body of Knowledge (BoK) as widely as possible, making it accessible to both the public and members 
  • The Purpose of the BIG CIC is not: To deliver consulting / training services or technology-based products 

The BIG CIC values and acknowledges the following contributors: 

  • Founders: Those who dedicated their time to establish the BIG CIC and create the BIG BoK
  • Directors: Leaders who provide guidance and leadership to the BIG CIC
  • Volunteers: The backbone of our organisation, individuals who contribute their time and expertise to keep the CIC functioning effectively – and Key Contributors who have provided notable inputs
  • Sponsors and Donors: Generous supporters who provide the funding necessary for the BIG CIC to carry out its mission