Why Was The CIC Formed

The Business Integrated Governance Community Interest Company (BIG CIC) was established due to a belief that an opportunity existed to enhance the vital connections between strategy and execution within a multitude of organisations, regardless of their size. Original Founders were driven to invest their own time and expertise in reimagining how the fusion of strategy and execution could be significantly improved. They were committed to sharing this vision, along with the resulting Concepts, Principles, Components and Lifecycle with the broader public through the vehicle of a Social Enterprise.

The BIG initiative began in 2018 and was originally called the Core P3M Data Club. Its purpose was to create a shared data model for Portfolio, Programme and Project (P3) management. 

BIG History

However, several things became clear: 

  • The ultimate success of an organisation, evaluated at the executive and strategic level, hinges upon the effective alignment of business purpose, strategy, and delivery processes, not just the effectiveness of P3 processes
  • A significant portion of information required for P3 management is generated outside the P3 domain and originates from various business areas such as commercial and finance functions, Product Teams, and other Business as Usual departments
  • Traditional organisational structures often delegate objectives within distinct domains. This can lead to challenges in collaboration for prioritising cross-functional strategic objectives between workloads for Business as Usual, Value Creation and Change

As a result of these realisations, BIG evolved beyond its P3 origins, extending into a spectrum of fields, including strategy, governance, change management, product management, IT and finance. The primary focus of BIG shifted towards the facilitation of seamless integrated governance, orchestrating the flow from strategic planning to execution and effectively prioritising tasks across hierarchical levels. All of this demands harmonious communication and integration across the realms of strategy, day-to-day operations, value creation, and change initiatives.

Hence, the grassroots initiative has developed into the BIG CIC. that has thoughtfully collected contributions from its members and partners and disseminated valuable content through multiple channels, including its website, the Praxis Framework, YouTube channel, LinkedIn Group, presentations, and partner blogs.

However, in comparison to materials produced by more established and / or profit-driven organisations, the initial version (v1) of the BIG outputs exhibited certain limitations. For example, they lacked depth, refinement, and polish in presentation. Consequently, a strong desire emerged to elevate the quality of these materials, leading to the decision to create a more robust, polished and comprehensive BIG v2 Body of Knowledge (BoK).

The undertaking to develop and share a BIG v2 BoK has incurred, and will continue to incur, expenses related to its initiation and sustainment. Hence, the BIG CIC finds itself in need of financial support. In light of this, the decision was made to transition the BIG CIC from its previous fully open and semi-professional image to a membership-based model characterized by a polished image. This strategic shift aims to facilitate collaboration with sponsors and donors, marking a significant step in the CIC’s ongoing development.