Body of Knowledge

The BIG Body of Knowledge serves as a comprehensive body of knowledge (BoK) for Business Integrated Governance (BIG).  

It assists senior sponsors and change programmes to enhance organisational performance and agility by addressing key challenges in strategy delivery.

The BoK equips readers with the necessary knowledge to address key challenges in strategy-to-delivery and integrated governance through: 

  • Management Summary, Purpose and Introduction: Provide key definitions and useful background information
  • The BIG Rationale: Explains the significance of integrated governance as a fundamental aspect of strategy implementation and delivery. It also offers a high-level rationale for BIG and provides stakeholder examples to facilitate engagement.
  • The BIG Framework: Offers Key Concepts that underpin a BIG Capability, Principles that enable organisations to understand their situation and needs, and Component definitions to guide the construction of a solution

Figure 10. BIG Framework Illustration

  • Building a BIG Capability: Emphasizes the importance of culture, outlines BIG deliverables, introduces Methods and Models, and provides an overview of the BIG Journey with a Lifecycle
  • Appendix: Includes example models, links to additional information, and a glossary

The intended audience for the BoK includes: 

  • Sponsors, programme managers, and stakeholders involved in initiating a BIG initiative
  • Senior executives and management teams responsible for strategies
  • Heads of strategy, overseeing the strategic process
  • Transformation directors, leading strategic transformation delivery
  • Governance, risk, and compliance teams responsible for integrated governance
  • Enterprise, business, and solution architects responsible for operating models and information / data infrastructure
  • Operations heads who are stakeholders in Business-as-Usual and product management
  • Existing support offices, such as strategy execution offices and project/program management offices, participating in the operation of integrated governance

The BoK is particularly valuable for individuals seeking to understand and apply BIG, and aiming to: 

  • Develop understanding and consensus on the current strategic performance and management environment
  • Improve the strategy development and feedback processes (market, risk, performance)
  • Enhance strategy implementation and delivery
  • Establish a cascade of accountability throughout the organisation
  • Foster integrated governance connecting Business-as-Usual, Value Creation, and Change
  • Create information and data solutions for integrated governance
  • Define business support and assurance arrangements for integrated governance
  • Implement a transformation programme

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