Why Donate?

Strategy delivery – or in fact any cross functional delivery – is not easy. Many organisations struggle to achieve the coordination they need. Some try to apply ‘one size fits all’ tools to all situations. Others attempt to knit together methods and governance processes which have not been designed to work together. 

The BIG Community Interest Company (CIC) recognises that:

  • ‘one size’ does not fit all situations 
  • the connection from purpose to strategy to delivery and back again is difficult without integrated governance 
  • a coordinated approach to accountability, information, data, and business support is needed for integrated governance

The BIG CIC has created the BIG Body of Knowledge (BoK) to encapsulate the why, what and how of Business Integrated Governance. The BIG BoK bridges the gap from strategy to delivery, seamlessly integrating Business as Usual, Value Creation, and Change. 

To develop and share the Key Concepts, Principles, Components and Lifecycle – BIG CIC hosts a knowledge sharing community. It addresses concerns and expectations from all relevant stakeholder perspectives. It provides opportunity to create and exchange best practices with thought leaders and a global directory of members.  

What’s more, the BIG CIC makes the BIG BoK available to the public for free and not for profit. 

But to create, share and sustain the BIG BoK, the BIG CIC has incurred / and will incur further expenses. Rather than charge fees, the BIG CIC asks for donations to cover basic expenses (which is consistent with our Social Enterprise values). So, the BIG CIC needs your help to keep the BoK free (and not for profit) and to help the community grow. 

Why? Because our ambitions are BIG! They include extending our membership globally, introducing accredited training courses, building a network of partners, and hosting networking events for novices and practitioners alike. 

If you like what we are doing, then support us with a donation. We cannot do it without you! 

As a guideline: 

  • Individuals – any amount between £20 and £100 is gratefully received – and you will be listed as a donating member 
  • People with a limited company – £100-500 is gratefully received – and you will be listed as a donating member and as a Sponsor – with a link to your company page 
  • Larger company sponsors – please contact Info@BIG-CIC.org for more information and to discuss your situation 

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