Key Contributors

The Business Integrated Governance Community Interest Company (and previously the Core P3M Data Club CIC) relies on volunteers to generate material, grow and operate.

Many have helped by supporting events, workshops or discussions. In addition to the founders, the following people have, in the opinion of the BIG CIC, proved to be key contributors, beyond the simple provision of help: 

NameBackgroundBIG Contribution
Adrian PyneFeedback V1 and V2Provided contribution to/feedback on material in V1 and V2 from an Agile perspective. Provided a contribution to the BIG Foreword.
Andrew HudsonDiscussions in V1 and V2Provided input to/ feedback on materials for BIG v1, focusing on strategy & performance measurement disciplines.
Angela JohnsonDiscussions in V1Active participant on V1 discussions and reviews.
Chris PondDirector V1Active Director post V1 release and pre V2 preparation. Supported Technology Discussions and presentations.
Cristina NitescuDirector V1Active Director for V1 providing thinking on Information and Data and co-presented several BIG workshops.
David BoothContribution and Leadership V2Collaborator in the origination of thinking for the strategy elements within BIG V2 and participated in several joint workshops on Strategy and BIG. Provided a contribution to the BIG Foreword.
Derek StrachanDirector V1Active Director post V1 release and pre V2 preparation with a focus on P3M.
Graham GoodwinDirector V1Active Director post V1 release and pre V2 preparation with a focus on Change.
Greg KrawczykAdvocacy V1 and V2Active advocacy and adoption of BIG Components V1 and V2.
Kris AtheyDevelopment V1Discussion/feedback on V1. Key contribution to the development of a Proof-of-Concept BIG Data Model and Integration solution using commercially available software.
Lindie GrebeContribution and Leadership V2Active collaborator from a Corporate Governance Perspective within BIG V2. Co-hosted a Q&A session to align Corporate Governance and BIG, and provides a relationship for the BIG CIC with the Good Governance Academy. Provided a contribution to the BIG Foreword.
Neil BrandwoodDiscussions in V1 - especially FinanceActive collaborator from the Finance perspective. Provided feedback on the core concept and development of the Commercial and Finance Accountability Node.
Richard MorganContribution and Leadership V1An active participant in V1 thinking and workshops.
Shailan ChudasamaContribution and Leadership V1Active supporter of BIG V1 from an Information and Data Perspective. Provided support for the V1 Website.
Therese PadillaDiscussions in V1 and V2Key participant in aligning BIG to the Product Management Body of Knowledge. Has supported several BIG presentations from the Product Management and strategic perspectives.
Tim Schmeising-BarnesContribution and Leadership V1 and V2Active participant in V1 workshops and the recording of YouTube materials. Assisted in the development of the BIG BOK Structure and contents list.
Tony StanleyContribution and Leadership V1 and V2An active participant in the BIG Initiative through V1 and V2 - from an information and data perspective. The ideas for the Core P3M Data Model (as a standard) emerged from working with Tony on a client programme. Has provided creative support for graphics for V2.

Thank you all!