The following people have also helped the BIG CIC in some shape or form, and agreed to be listed: 

Andrew Wright
Guy Daines
Mike Florence
Rosita Stevens   
Angus MacKinnon  Ian Maxfield  Neil Horner   Saikat Sen Stephen Parrett
Benedicta Anetekhai  Iqbal Singh  Nora Cole  Sam Graber Steven Bussey 
Carolynn Chalmers  Jim Livesey   Paul Rees Sandeep Khullar  Stuart Easton 
Chris Dixon  John MacGregor  Pierre Morel Sarah Coleman  Tanya Ofonagoro
Chris Walters  Katherine Ingham  Rabi Krishnaratne  Sarah Hazeldine  Thierry Zedda
Dave Trueman  Katy Angliss  Rajiv Khanna  Sean Blencowe  Thomas Mensah
Ekkehard Thumm  Lawrence Rowland  Richard Humphrey  Sharron Escobar  Tim deWinter
Eoin Callan  Martin Cooper  Robert Blommaert   Sonia Leijenaar   
Essam Lotffy  Mike Belch  Rod Willis    

In addition to these named individuals, there are 53 others we have not been able to contact regarding permission to mention them by name. 

With the 12 founders, 17 key contributors, 46 names and 53 un-named helpers – that amounts to 138 people who have supported our initiative directly.  

Thank you all for helping with BIG!