The Business Integrated Governance CIC is a small company that is led and operated by volunteers. 

The Club’s Directors are responsible for the overall governance and operations of the community interest company, whilst ensuring the club meets any and all regulations that the club must comply to. 

Directors include: 

  • Alex Shapley 
  • David Dunning 
  • James Dunning 
  • Andrey Malakhov 
  • Ross Miller

As the BIG Body of Knowledge is released, the BIG CIC would like to extend this group with positions for:

  • Vacancy 1 – Professional Body representative 
  • Vacancy 2 – Sponsor representative 
  • Vacancy 3 – Membership representative 

Contact us via info@big-cic.org to find out more.

As a small, volunteer-based company, the directors have no managers or staff to task and they rely on good will from Members and Sponsors to progress. The management approach is collaborative, in that the direction and activity is completely reliant on common interests and shard purpose.  

The BIG CIC recognises: