Business Integrated Governance (BIG) Body of Knowledge (BoK) provides a framework to connect from strategy to delivery integrating Business as Usual, Value Creation and Change. The model has been developed since 2018 through a global network of over 600 LinkedIn Group members including senior industry professionals and thought Leaders. 

Latterly BIG has been developed through the BIG Community Interest Company (CIC). (Note a CIC is a special form of limited company which exists primarily to benefit a community or to pursue a social purpose – not to make a profit for shareholders. See more in About Us.) 

We aim to increase our membership globally, expand and improve the BoK, introduce training syllabuses, and provide a global directory of Partners to who can help organisations leverage BIG. 

Sponsors are organisations that support the CIC goals, benefit from CIC activity and outputs, and help the CIC in return. 

Sponsors are listed here. Founding Sponsors have helped shape our development, grown our membership, raised awareness of BIG and the CIC, as well as developed consulting services, training and technology propositions for themselves. 

Going forwards, the BIG CIC needs support from more Sponsors with our educational and knowledge sharing activities. With sponsors we can increase our membership globally, introduce training syllabuses, and provide a global directory of accredited Partners. 

However, the BIG CIC is already incurring costs in developing the BoK and is relying on the goodwill of a small number of people to cover those. We cannot impose on these people exclusively / long term. In order to keep the BoK still free (and not for profit) we need further support from more individual CIC donors and additional Funding Sponsors who provide donations to cover our basic expenses. 

Sponsorship – What is in it for you? 

BIG provides a distinctive proposition to organisations which are consulting, services, training and technology providers. Many wish to widen their capability and to be distinctive in saturated marketplaces. Others reach for more senior level engagement in a client organisation. BIG provides a mechanism for both. Whether providing support for our activity or some funding, Sponsors are helping themselves widen their service offerings and improve their ability to engage customers. 

Furthermore, by permitting staff members to support, BIG CIC activity, they are gaining opportunity to professionally develop and widen their networks. 

Lastly – Sponsors who help the BIG CIC with assistance and or funding – are assisting a Social Enterprise. This activity can be added to the list of ways in which they support good causes and communities. 

Contact us via info@big-cic.org to learn how you can benefit from our growth.

Thank you to all of our sponsors so far!