Business Integrated Governance (BIG)

is a comprehensive approach to organisation governance that provides FOCUS to the Purpose-Driven organisation, and efficiency / effectiveness to traditional governance operations.

BIG involves integrating governance principles into all aspects of an organisation’s operations and decision-making processes – including Strategy, Business-as-Usual, Value Creation and Change.​

Figure 1. Cogs of Integrated Governance

The BIG initiative began in 2018 and has garnered contributions from more than a hundred professionals across strategy, governance, change management, IT, finance, and project management.

This initiative has grown into the Business Integrated Governance Community Interest Company (CIC), with over six hundred members.

The initiative outputs are accessible through the BIG CIC website, YouTube, and LinkedIn Group.

The primary output is the BIG Body of Knowledge (BoK).

The BoK assists senior sponsors and change programmes to enhance organisational performance and agility by addressing key challenges in strategy delivery. 

This site provides an introduction to BIG, access to FREE Membership of our subscriber group, an introduction to sponsorship and the Founding Sponsors, more about the BIG CIC, access to the BIG Body of Knowledge (outline and full publication) and lastly – it provides the means to enable supporters and beneficiaries to make a small donation to enable the CIC to continue to develop and operate.